The Perigord Noir has many small villages and towns which are more than worth a visit. Beautiful old towns such as Sarlat and Montignac are lively places full of monuments and bustling markets. In addition, there are many other smaller villages, great for a short visit.

Sarlat la Canéda

Sarlat (at 25km) is a well-preserved medieval town attracting many tourists in the summer. The center is car-free for a greater part and offers many nice shops and restaurants. Some interesting sites include the Manoir de Guisson and the Sainte Marie church which has a glaze lift to the top from where you have a beautiful view on the city. The city offers you also a nice market twice a week. So plenty of things to see and experience.


Montignac is a 20 minutes’ drive and is a small but vibrant city along the river Vezère. Next to a visit to the caves of Lascaux there is much more to experience. In July for example there is a large music festival. Groups from all over the world gather together for this nice event.


This little village belongs to one of the “plus beau village the France” and is nice to visit. It is pleasant to walk through the little streets and stroll along the river. There are some excellent restaurants and cafés. The village is also the start of many canoe tours on the Vézère and at the other side of the river you can find the adventure park Le Conquil, a real topic to visit. You will find this all at a distance of about 8km from La Cipière

Les Eyzies

Les Eyzies is located 10 minutes from La Cipière, on the banks of the Vézère river. The village is small but worth a visit, partly due to the fact that many prehistoric finds have been made here in the vicinity. The village therefore houses, among other things, the National Prehistoric Museum. In addition, there are a few cafes, restaurants and small shops.


Beautiful town located at 30 minutes from La Cipière, situated along the Vézère against the slope of the surrounding hills. An old bridge crosses the river, after which you can climb the old castle. Here you have a beautiful view. Multiple shops, restaurants and cafes make it a lively place.


One of the most beautiful villages in France is located on a cliff above the Dordogne river (30 minutes from La Cipière). The defensive wall is still largely intact, just like the old city gates. From the cliff there is beautiful views over the Dordogne and the villages and castles along this river.