Flowers & Trees

Throughout the year we take many photos of our garden and the surrounding area. From the beautiful bloom in spring, to when the leaves fall in autumn, there is a lot to see at La Cipière. In the photo album below you get a total impression of all the different plants and trees in our garden.

Flowers and pollination

The garden has many different plants during every season, which makes every season unique.

On the edge of the forest there are twelve beehives, which help in pollinating the flowers and different plants. There is nothing more tasteful than honey from your own grounds.



Mini arboretum

The garden is more than 50 years old with many large and beautiful trees including sequoia,  linden, maple, oak, chestnut, walnut, magnolia and pine.

Throughout the whole season our garden is a lust for the eye. In autumn for example the leaves turn brown and create a whole different atmosphere.