For children

Besides castles and villages there are many other things to discover, especially for children. You can go visit a prehistoric park, an adventure park or a large playground. Make it a vacation full of adventures and above all make it a vacation you will never forget.

Le Conquil

Le Conquil is an adventure park close to Saint Léon sur Vézère where children can climb trees, have fun with the zip lines and see authentic cave dwellings, used until the middle ages. At the end there is a walk along dinosaurs where the children learn more about the origins of these animals.

Prehisto Parc

There have been many prehistoric findings in the region. There are a few small scale parks that show this prehistoric history. In the village of Tursac, at 5 km, there is a pre historic park. They show the children how people lived prehistoric times amongst all the wild animals. Children can learn how to make a fire and to hunt in a prehistoric way.


In the village of Le Bugue (at 17 km) lies Univerland. This park exists of 4 different components: an aquarium, a prehistoric labyrinth, a climbing course and a midget golf course. The aquarium is very large and hosts for example alligators. A nice destination for an afternoon.

Le Bournat

Le Bournat lies is next to Univerland and has a park showing old craftmanship skills, a reconstructed village with a windmill, an animal farm, games of old and many other attractions. Much fun for the little children.

Les Bois des Lutins

Near Le Bugue is Les Bois des Lutins, a play paradise for children. They can take courses through the trees, climb into tree houses and play on the bouncy castles. A fun day with the whole family!