Canoeing and swimming

The rivers of the Vézère and the Dordogne cut through the Perigord Noir and offer many opportunities for a magnificent canoe tour. For swimming fans there is a little lake with a sandy beach close by. 


Between Montignac and Les Eyzies there are magnificent and relaxed canoe tours possible. You will pass steep rocks, bridges and there are many picnic places to enjoy or to take a break. A nice and pleasant journey.

Swimming in the Vézère

Along the river there are a few places where you can take a refreshing dive and enjoy the natural surroundings. The picture shows the swimming spot located just in front of La Roque St Christophe. You can also swim next to the center of Les Eyzies, where you can lie under the trees on the grass along the river. There are several picnic benches here for a relaxed afternoon.

The lake of Tamnies

In this small but beautiful lake, situated in a quiet valley with a sand beach, you can take a lovely swim or lay in the sun, at about 10km from La Cipière. In the high season it has a café with terrace and a large inflatable object on the lake for the children.

Canoeing on the Dordogne

The Dordogne river is at an half hour away, somewhat bigger than the Vézère and with more castles and villages close to the river. On the picture you see the bridge over the Dordogne close to chateau Castelnaud.